When Cupid’s arrow strikes you fall hard and you fall fast for someone What’s your story? We asked our fans to Join our themed writing contest by sharing their original and exceptional love stories (in 500 words or less) as a comment on our love story post and stand a chance to be among the lucky 10 to win DINNER for TWO, a chocolate gift pack and a bouquet of flowers!

All stories made our hearts beat and smile J but here are the ten we fell in love with ..




Rugaba Agaba


Talking of relationships and good food, I met my wife in restaurant. Yes, a restaurant, if a university canteen passes for one. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]We are what you would call college sweethearts. She was in her first year and I was in my second year of Engineering School. As fate would have it, her lecture rooms were on one extreme end of the campus. She has to make that journey across the campus every day, morning and evening. That journey to her lecture room would also take her past my hall of residence every day. My hall of residence , had a beautiful garden with nice seats on the lawn. The garden seats offered a nice view of the earth walkway that led to my wife’s lecture halls. She wasn’t my wife then. She was soon to be my campus girlfriend. Talking of gardens and good food, every evening I sat there with the boys as we enjoys steamed maize corn sold by the entrepreneurial women in the campus neighborhood. As we sat on the lawn or garden seats and engaged in all sorts of boy talk, from fast cars , European soccer leagues to drinking escapades etc, a couple of tikes I would catch a glimpse of this girl that walked gracefully across the walkway, with her bunch of friends. Like an eagle keeping an eye on its prey for food, my eyes would sharply pick her out of the bunch. I guess my eyes were always fixed on her for food for the soul not the proverbial optical nutrition. As fate would have it, food would later offer me the perfect opportunity to break my ice with her. A restaurant gave me the perfect sanctuary to graduate from a secret admirer to friend , lover, partner, husband and soulmate. This one afternoon, I made my way to the canteen across the Hall compound to make my lunch order. And there she was at the counter. There weren’t many people around. I knew this was my moment. I made my move. I walked over to the counter, I prayed she doesn’t leave before I get there. I was there in time, mumbled a Hullo to the guy across the counter, turned to my lady of interest, said Hi, complimented her on her top. All this in under 5 seconds I guess. I was silly not to ask for her name or phone number. But I was glad I had broken the ice, but I was feeling hot and sweaty on my palms. Funny isn’t it! We would later meet again and exchange phone numbers. She was a non resident student and I was resident on campus. Every Sunday afternoon I would take a stroll across the campus to her hostel in Banda for Sunday lunch. She always did magic with the rice and beef. She always offered coke soda to wash it down. This was heavenly for any 23 year old campus boy. On the days when I had an extra allowance , I would go over with a bottle of wine. We had a good time. We enjoyed the good food and cheap wine, but we built and cemented a relationship. When I was done with my engineering degree and she was done with hers in Community Development, I couldn’t go back home in Mbarara. She went back to her parents home in Kireka. I rented a small room in Kireka as i hit the Kampala streets for the proverbial job hunt. Every Sunday she would come and fix me sumptuous Sunday lunch. Oh boy! What could be better than a good Sunday meal for any job hunting graduate! It was always refreshing. The good food also helped to build our soul food; love and kindness. We are now married with three children. She still loves to spoil me with sumptuous Sunday lunch. I still love her cooking, and will always love her. #InARelationshipWithGoodFood[/read]


Nasser Konde

The year was 2003 I met this kind hearted girl on the school compound who was also very articulate in her endavours. At first glance [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] I knew she was my type of person. A little scared I asked if could sit next to her. She accepted my request and there and then I knew I had to make my move. We had a short conversation that day which rotated around our favorite TV shows , songs and movies. Good enough we had a common ground in terms of interest in music and movies. For the TV shows there was a big contrast. Never the less we carried on with the talking session. At that time there were very few communication mediums , communication with someone required a face to face session or a written letter. This meant that one had to master their craft in order to win over a girl unlike today. Our conversation was cut short by the end of period bell. We agreed to meet the following day during lunch break in the school waiting shade near the gate. I arrived early maybe because of the nervousness to get ready and attain composure. She arrived on time and gave me a minimum of 30 minutes of her precious time. Now this broke my spirit but did not deter me from my mission. To be frank those were the hardest 30 minutes of my life at the time. I managed to put my message my across. I was precise and straight to the point. She told me to give her time to think about it. I told her to take all the time in the world. A week later she told me that she was not sure about it all but was willing to give it a try. We started dating officially. The things we did when I come to think about it were hilarious. These included walks on the school compound and doing assignments together in addition to sitting together during school trips. These might be small things to most people but to an 11 year old they mean the world. Our romance went on until late 2004 when we separated by completion of our Primary Leaving Examinations. I still remember that day when we said our goodbyes Friday 5th November 2004 . We never made any promises considering that we both knew our chances of meeting again were slim to none. Funny enough two years later in 2006 we were reunited by the good old high school mail. As I was preparing for my night prep session a letter with a stamp from Gayaza High School was dropped on my desk. I immediately knew who the writer was. On opening it I was greeted by a handwriting I was familiar with. By that time we could not rekindle what we had earlier but agreed to remain friends and until today we have managed to maintain that friendship.[/read]


Darlin Sherinah

It was on a great road trip towards tourism day when i met Clement. The moment i entered the bus, my eyes rushed towards him and immediately [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]i had a crush on him. I waited for a perfect moment to flat with him to take my chances. Luckily enough we had a stopover for Lunch, i made sure i entered the restaurant last and as soon as i entered, i spotted him there and next to him was an empty seat, i took a chance and sat next to him. I ordered for food and i jokingly told him, you are paying for my food, oh my God he pulled out his wallet and paid for my food and ordered juice for me and asked if i wanted more all #InARelationshipWithGoodFood, i was able to get my prince charming, we exchanged numbers and started dating till now.[/read]



31st December 2013 as I was waiting to see the fireworks at 2 friends in jinja, my friend Rosh walks[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] in with another cute friend, we said hello and then the fireworks began, i made my wish, And that was to find the man that will truly love me.. 1st January 2014, my friend Invites me for lunch and there was his other cute friend (Fred).. All went while till the end… I and fred became good friends.. I was at university in kla then, i used to come over for weekends and we always went out together… On the 14th February 2014, fred took me for lunch and asked if i would be his galfriend 😘 yes yes yes is all i said because truth be said, i liked fred but couldn’t tell him, this was the most beautiful day of my life… We dated for 9months…
On 9th November 2014, we got married👰… Fred is a cosmetologist so he styled my wedding hair… This felt good that i even cried.. I was so overwhelmed, till to date, i tell my friends, “my husband did my hair on my wedding” it was so special to me.. June 2015, i got pregnant with twins … Yes twins they were…. On 8th February 2016, we received our bundle of joy, a girl and a boy…. Our girl is called Alyah and the boy is called Areeb… I and Fred have been married for 2 years now💏 and we still DO till death do us part💘.. The twins are making a year.[/read]



Love is a two way street,so they say. The more you give of it,is the more you’ll get. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]However,that’s not always the case. In this scenario,I must say my lover surpasses any other…doing far & beyond all I could ever offer. Always there for me especially in time of need. Sometimes,even when I’m not in the mood,he is there. His Kind of taste is so magical and he speaks to me in a language none can fathom. His Love soothes my taste buds & leaves me craving for no other. With him,I am always content. The more I crave of his Love,is the more he satisfies my appetite. I remember while growing up,mother introduced me to him in small measures. Her idea was that I needed to get used to him bit by bit. It’s like she knew that the minute me & him grew fond of eachother,they’d be no turning back. Since then,he has been my constant friend through the good & bad. He is like my hidden treasure in the darkness of my tummy. Always giving me butterflies that send chills all over my body. I’m madly in Love with this my lover,he is one of a kind💕. I know you might be wondering who this ten over ten amaizing guy is?….Well,I’ll save you the curiosity & just spill the beans already….His name is FOOD but I call BAE😍 His presence always brings laughter and soothes my body. He is the reason I grow everyday in everyway😂 I mean,who needs a boyfriend when Food exists? I guess that explains why even at 22 I’m still single & have never been in a relationship. I guess my Lover & I are not yet willing to share our space🙈 And if it were legally & humanly possible,we would be married already…more like “FOOD weds PALITO”😂 My Forever Love you are….FOOD is BAE for Life💖 #InArelationshipWithGoodFood[/read]